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"Paragraph Shorts couldn't have come at a better time"
- Lorin Stein, Editor, The Paris Review
While the future of the book might be in question, the future of the story is not. Stories transport us to a different universe, only to bring us back to earth a little different, a little wiser, than we were before. Let Paragraph be your rocketship.
What can you expect to find?
In short: Pow!
In longer terms: Powerful stories and powerful storytellers.
Paragraph features stories from master storytellers such as John Cheever, Donald Barthelme and Mavis Gallant, alongside fresh voices like Etgar Keret, Taylor Mali and April Ayers Lawson. Every issue of Paragraph features music from an up and coming band to create a moveable feast for the eye, ear and mind. The core of Paragraph is a community of people like you. People who like to stop every once in a while, experience an amazing story, and continue with their life, partially changed for the better.
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Even great stories are hard to discover and difficult to promote. By making your stories available on Paragraph you can grow your audience and make it easy for them to tell all their friends about you and your work.
As writers ourselves, we take great care to make sure that authors and the publishers representing them receive maximum exposure on Paragraph. Each story contains the author's bio, one-click buttons to purchase their books and the ability for the user to "follow" and receive direct notifications from the author. When a story is shared via Twitter, Facebook or email, it includes a link directly back to the original source publication.
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