What's the distinction between Paragraph and Paragraph Shorts?

Let us clarify: Paragraph, a digital startup, produces Paragraph Shorts, a short-story magazine for the iPad. Paragraph offers other apps (e.g. Giada, the lifestyle magazine of Giada de Laurentiis) and services (e.g. the Convert-A-Book platform).

Do you publish original content?

In the traditional sense of the word, we don't publish anything—rather, we curate. Our purpose is to search the web for quality, already published stories, and to feature those stories in an immersive digital format—thereby exposing and endearing them to a wider audience. So, to answer your question: at the moment, we don't publish original content.

What sort of content do you feature?

Simply put, we feature the best short stories in text, audio and video. Our content runs the gamut from John Cheever texts to Louis C.K. films. The main criterion is that it's a great story! In this way, we're not limited to a particular medium or voice.

Can I submit my own story?

We don't accept submissions at the moment, as our team isn't equipped to handle the process. However, if you'd like to suggest a story that already has been published, feel free to drop us a line at the bottom of this page.

How often do you produce issues?

We produce the magazine weekly, with an issue hitting Newsstand every Thursday. Each issue comprises seven stories, so you can enjoy one per day (or binge on all seven in one sitting).

Do you generate any profit from the magazine?

No, we don't make any money whatsoever—the magazine is a labor of love. We try to help the original creators profit by directing more traffic to their personal websites, their books in the iTunes Store, and so on.

Do you have any affiliation with the publications that you feature?

Some publications, e.g. The Paris Review, kindly allow us to load their stories directly in the app—in other words, we don't have to display the publisher's website, as we typically do. Other publications, e.g. The Georgia Review, have collaborated with us on special issues that feature stories from their locked archives. With all other publications, we first display their website (generating a page view and potentially a new fan for them) and then let users switch to reader mode.

Can I access the magazine without an iPad?

Right now the magazine is available only as an iPad app, but we're working on other formats. If you don't have an iPad and don't want to wait (who does?), check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages, where we post a story daily.

Where do you find your images?

We look through Flickr for images that would pair well with our stories. When we come across an image that we love, we request permission from the photographer to use it in a future issue.

Who's the team behind the magazine?

Headed by co-founders Ziv Navoth and Edo Segal, we're a small (but ever-growing) team of individuals who are passionate about stories and optimistic about their fate in the digital age. Most of us are students of literature and writing.

Are you hiring?

We offer unpaid editorial internships on a rolling basis. If you're interested, you can find more information and apply through our Bookjobs page.

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