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[ˈabəkəs] ✕ Play

abacuses (plural noun)

  - an oblong frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid, used for calculating.

  - the flat slab on top of a capital, supporting the architrave.

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the financial definition of Abacus?
    Financial Definition of abacus. An abacus is a counting device that performs basic mathematical functions. The abacus is believed to have been developed in the ancient Near East in the third millennium BCE. An abacus consists of a series of thin parallel bars set into a rectangular frame, usually made of wood.
  2. Where is the abacus used today?
    Although calculators and computers are commonly used today instead of abacuses, abacuses remain in everyday use in some countries. Merchants, traders, and clerks in some parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Africa use abacuses. The abacus remains in common use as a scoring system in non-electronic table games.
  3. What is a Japanese abacus?
    Today's Japanese abacus is a 1:4 type, four-bead abacus was introduced from China in the Muromachi era. It adopts the form of the upper deck one bead and the bottom four beads.
  4. What is an abacus made out of?
    An abacus consists of a series of thin parallel bars set into a rectangular frame, usually made of wood. Each bar contains a number of beads that slide along its length. Individuals use the beads as number counters and use the abacus to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Why It Matters.

"Abacuses" Example Sentences


1,500 used abacuses donated to Tonga - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

1,500 used abacuses donated to Tonga  Honolulu Star-Advertiser


How to Choose the Best Financial Planning Software

Financial planning isn't the pen-and-paper activity it used to be. Load Error Luckily for financial advisors, abacuses and crank-operated calculators are technologies ...


Wooden Toy Business Ideas

You can create toy trains, puzzles, blocks, cars, airplanes, banks, musical instruments, doll houses, alphabet pieces, number, abacuses and wooden animals. Focus on toys that can help children ...


5 Lessons from the Lehman Brothers Collapse

Plus, tech changes so rapidly that today’s innovations become tomorrow’s abacuses. Bond prices have been falling lately, popping a bubble in the fixed-income market. The false premise behind ...


Cricket journalist Gideon Haigh looks at legendary career of South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis

The comparison with the greatest appeal, it would seem, is between Kallis and Sobers, firstly because their respective Test figures so intrigue the cricket world's feral abacuses. Their averages ...


How Getting Paid Daily Can Change Your Spending Habits

We have to recognize that we're beautiful imperfect humans. You know, we're not walking around with abacuses all the time. We're making decisions based on our perceptions. And sometimes our ...


PHOTO GALLERY: Young children show their imagination with art


Spring art was about beaded rainbow abacuses and egg carton-decorated flower wreaths. Winter had snowflake art, along with snow globe art pieces. The young artists even took time to honor the ...


Ordering numbers using hundreds, tens and units

Making their own abacuses with different colour beads for hundreds, tens and units can also help to consolidate the value of different three-digit numbers. Finally, children can be given sets of ...


PayPal pilots NFC as transaction volume increases 40pc

“The elephant in the room remains the point-of-sale and whether we should adopt patch-ware solution for these glorified abacuses or bypass them for the cloud in next-gen checkout,” Mr ...


Chinese scientist reveals abacus was used to build first nuclear submarine

Often called the “Father of China’s nuclear subs”, Huang Xuhua said he still has one of the abacuses that were used in the production of the craft, according to the 'Chutian Metropolis Daily ...


Air Malta: let us try again, let us fly again – Andreas Weitzer

These poor Kafkaesque souls, wielding their abacuses, do a job that nobody should do in the first place. For this, we have in the 21st-century software and computer power which does not involve ...


Are smartphones making us less social?

Back then we spent more time sweating over what we were going to say next and less time working on our abacuses.” “Oh, we’re not dating,” he responded. “We work together in the kitchen ...


Heungs hold special place in county

abacuses, silk pin cushions, paper lanterns and much more. “We have many fun gifts — very Chinese,” said Sintao. “There’s no need to hire anyone extra to mind the gift shop. Whenever we want to go ...


Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies: Still Too Expensive But Getting Closer

Breaking out our abacuses, we calculate that the company spent $96.53 per share to retire these stocks. Taking our brains with even a little bit more math, we learn that the current share price is ...


Is It Time to Give This Hot 2020 Stock Another Chance?

Gillies: Yes. Mann: Let me just read through this and this is terrible like people are going to have to get their abacuses out to try to figure 330 million shares at $38.50 is $12.7 billion ...


The all-time FIFPro World XI is absolutely stacked with quality

But fear not, you can put away your calculators and abacuses because we've done the maths to present to you the all-time FIFA World XI based on the players who have been selected the most.

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