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[ˈhabərˌdaSHərē] ✕ Play

haberdashery (noun) · haberdasheries (plural noun)

  - men's clothing and accessories.

  - a shop in which men's clothing and accessories are sold.

  - small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zippers, and thread; notions.

  - a shop or a department within a larger store that sells items used in sewing.

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the plural of haberdashery?
    hab·​er·​dash·​ery | \ ˈha-bər-ˌda-sh(ə-)rē , ˈha-bə-\. plural haberdasheries. 1 : goods (such as men's clothing and accessories) sold by a haberdasher a fine selection of haberdashery. 2 : a shop selling notions or men's clothing and accessories.
  2. What is a haberdasher in the UK?
    In the United Kingdom, a haberdasher is a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons and zippers; in the United States, the term refers instead to a retailer who sells men's clothing, including suits, shirts, and neckties. The sewing articles are called haberdashery in British English;
  3. What is a haberdashery shop?
    In Britain, haberdashery shops, or "haberdashers", were a mainstay of high street retail until recent decades, but are now uncommon, due to the decline in home dressmaking, knitting and other textile skills and hobbies, and the rise of internet shopping. They were very often drapers as well, the term for sellers of cloth.
  4. What is the difference between haberdashery and hats?
    Nowadays, with hats not being as fashionable as they once were, the word mostly is applied generally as a clothing outfitter for men, with haberdashery referring to the establishment or the goods sold there.

"Haberdashery" Example Sentences


Heimie's haberdashery

Andler and his haberdashers give their utmost attention to customers, whether you’re looking for something off the rack or a tailor-made suit—which takes three to five weeks and is sewn from ...


Hatbox: A Modern haberdashery

The human head is a fine contraption, but even the most resplendent locks or shiniest dome can do with a little high-quality augmentation – and the Hatbox is exactly the place to find it. Can't ...


Hotels near haberdashery Kotacheas

Skyscanner hotels is a fast, free and simple way to organise your stay near haberdashery Kotacheas. In a few clicks you can easily search, compare and book your hotel by clicking directly through to ...


haberdashery exhibition explores the principles of light

The messy, unpredictable experience of grief has moved online, but how do we design for such an individual and complex set of emotions?


Heimie’s haberdashery offers hunting fashion for ‘discerning men’ - twincities.com

Heimie’s haberdashery offers hunting fashion for ‘discerning men’  twincities.com


Family haberdashery business celebrates 100 years in Waverley - Stuff.co.nz

Family haberdashery business celebrates 100 years in Waverley  Stuff.co.nz


Crouch End cafe The haberdashery to close 12 years on | Hampstead Highgate Express - Hampstead Highgate Express

Crouch End cafe The haberdashery to close 12 years on | Hampstead Highgate Express  Hampstead Highgate Express


There's a Hidden Menswear Temple in St. Paul, Minnesota - InsideHook

There's a Hidden Menswear Temple in St. Paul, Minnesota  InsideHook


From a barbershop to a haberdashery, these are the most notable Des Moines metro retailers that closed in 2021

This year retail outlets from an 80-year-old barber to a haberdashery started by a survivor of the Holocaust permanently closed their doors. Here are retailers that have closed in the metro in ...


Edel Assanti launches new London gallery in former Fitzrovia haberdashery

It was last February that Jeremy Epstein and Charlie Fellowes of Edel Assanti gallery first viewed a former haberdashery shop in Fitzrovia. The derelict basement was flooded and upstairs was a ...


Much loved Hackney cafe closes - Hackney Gazette

Much loved Hackney cafe closes  Hackney Gazette


New era for 102-year-old South Taranaki haberdashery shop - Stuff.co.nz

New era for 102-year-old South Taranaki haberdashery shop  Stuff.co.nz


At St. Paul’s Heimie’s haberdashery, tailoring stories through clothing - TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

At St. Paul’s Heimie’s haberdashery, tailoring stories through clothing  TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press


Charming Craft Shops In London, For When You're Feeling All Kinds Of Creative - Londonist

Charming Craft Shops In London, For When You're Feeling All Kinds Of Creative  Londonist


Charming Craft Shops In London, For When You're Feeling All Kinds Of Creative

MacCulloch & Wallis, Soho: After 120 years in the business, MacCulloch & Wallis have got this haberdashery thing down, selling fabric, wool, threads and trimmings from their Poland Street store ...


Heimie’s haberdashery bucks downtown St. Paul retail trend, prepares to double in size - TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

Heimie’s haberdashery bucks downtown St. Paul retail trend, prepares to double in size  TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press


Popular South Shields market stall Yvonne’s haberdashery shuts up shop after more than 60 years of trading

Yvonne’s haberdashery, which has been trading at South Shields’ Market Place for more than six decades, has said goodbye to customers old and new. The stall is ran by Yvonne Martin ...


What I Wear to Work: Henry “Hank” Battie - Sarasota

What I Wear to Work: Henry “Hank” Battie  Sarasota


From a barbershop to a haberdashery, these are the most notable Des Moines metro retailers that closed in 2021 - Des Moines Register

From a barbershop to a haberdashery, these are the most notable Des Moines metro retailers that closed in 2021  Des Moines Register


Highland travellers' encampment now available as part of 360-degree virtual museum tour


“Travellers brought news and messages with them, in addition to hawking and trading everyday wares such as clothes pegs, pot scrubbers, haberdashery items, baskets and lanterns.” With the advent of ...


Spotlight aims to open 150 stores in five years and develop $2bn property sites


The project features the biggest ever haberdashery-focused Spotlight store at over 6000sq m, ­anchoring a superstore of camping and outdoor brand Anaconda and a homewares-centred Harris ­Scarfe that ...


Ingham Sewing Centre owners Colleen, Sam Valenti to close business


Colleen and Sam Valenti outside their haberdashery and corporate embroidery business Ingham Sewing Centre on Palm Terrace, Ingham. Picture: Cameron Bates The couple, born and raised in Ingham and who ...


10 things from 1990s Worcestershire and Black Country that you can't do now


The famous Black Country department store was pristine from its haberdashery basement to top floor cafe. Stools at the counter and booths with views across Wolverhampton made this a charming spot to ...


Remember shopping at Cape's department store?


Cape’s offered a wide range of inexpensive drapery, haberdashery, furniture, shoes and clothes. It was known for stocking, or being able to obtain, odds and ends that few other shops would offer.


‘Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child’ review


It’s like Hellraiser’s haberdashery. Bourgeois was in her eighties when she really took to fabric, re-using the clothes and material she had lying around her to continue her lifelong explorations of ...


Oakmount offering a 5pc yield for mixed-use Liberties landmark property


Located next to the Vicar Street music venue, the 16,614 sqft property extends to four fully-let floors of grade-A office accommodation, along with John’s Bar & haberdashery on the ground floor.


Sloane Ranger style keeps on coming back


And this is why I secretly love stalking them in the haberdashery department of Peter Jones & Partners, where even I had my wedding list. Like Her Majesty, they represent and embody an unchanging ...


Slow Fashion Meets Melrose Place

It could easily be a small-town haberdashery from a bygone era. Bode, a cult men’s wear brand led by the designer Emily Adams Bode, 32, has achieved success by whispering instead of shouting.


Fifty years fighting Taranaki fires and no intention of quitting


“The biggest fire I’ve been to was a haberdashery, menswear, hairdressers and a dairy all caught on fire,” he said. “It wasn’t long after I started in ‘75 and that was big.” Kilpatrick has seen ...


I’m a super cleaner and these are the ways to make your kids’ school uniform look brand new including vodka on stains


If the zip goes altogether use poppers or velcro strips so they can still fasten. “You can buy iron-on velcro from Poundland or your local haberdashery. And buy poppers for around £5 online from ...


'Knit For Food' Knit-A-Thon in Corning


Rabbit Row Yarns & haberdashery hosted a 12-hour knit-a-thon in Corning, New York. It was all to raise money for people in need. The nationwide event was called the 'Knit for Food' knit-a-thon.


At William Gee, Haberdashers


Speaking as a lifelong connoisseur of quality haberdashery, let me say that if you are in need of a button or a reel of thread, there is no finer place to go than William Gee Ltd at 520 Kingsland Rd.

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