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[həˈbiCH(o͞o)əlē] ✕ Play

habitually (adverb)

  - by way of habit; customarily:

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of habitual?
    being such by habit: a habitual gossip. commonly used, followed, observed, etc., as by a particular person; customary:She took her habitual place at the table. OTHER WORDS FOR habitual 2 confirmed, inveterate.
  2. What is the opposite of habitually?
    Habitually: in a frequent or repeated manner. Synonyms: commonly, ordinarily, regularly… Antonyms: episodically, erratically, intermittently… Find the right word.
  3. What is the difference between habitual and customary?
    The meanings of customary and habitual largely overlap; however, customary applies to what accords with the practices, conventions, or usages of an individual or community. When would usual be a good substitute for habitual?
  4. What is habitual residence?
    Kozinksi C.J. was very clear that habitual residence involved proof of a settled intention to reside in a place indefinitely. He also pointed out that many courts have held that a person can only have one habitual residence at time under the Convention.

"Habitually" Example Sentences


How to Deal With habitually Late Employees

Although an employee might not see the impact of habitual lateness -- viewing each incident in isolation as just a minute here and a minute there -- tardiness has a detrimental effect on the ...


‘Babulal habitually shielding undertrials’ - Times of India

‘Babulal habitually shielding undertrials’  Times of India


habitually Chic® » Mona Nerenberg's Hamptons House - habituallychic.luxury

habitually Chic® » Mona Nerenberg's Hamptons House  habituallychic.luxury


Actress Lee Chae Young suspected of habitually abandoning her pets - allkpop

Actress Lee Chae Young suspected of habitually abandoning her pets  allkpop


habitually Chic® » A Parisian Pied-à-terre Curated by Hubert de Givenchy - habituallychic.luxury

habitually Chic® » A Parisian Pied-à-terre Curated by Hubert de Givenchy  habituallychic.luxury


Fitness trainer will plead guilty to consorting with alleged bikies - Courier Mail

Fitness trainer will plead guilty to consorting with alleged bikies  Courier Mail


Hawks Make Little Distinction Between Russia and the Soviet Union

Foreign policy hawks in the United States habitually equate a noncommunist Russia with the totalitarian Soviet Union.


60-year-old Kolb reunited with two habitually 'vicious' South African Boerboels after 8 months apart - The Jersey Journal - NJ.com

60-year-old Kolb reunited with two habitually 'vicious' South African Boerboels after 8 months apart  The Jersey Journal - NJ.com


Drug case: Take responsibility for Abba Kyari’s mess, Pyrates tell Buhari


“Nigerians, wearied by a litany of pernicious lies and propaganda by the current administration, and also having watched state officials habitually perpetrate injurious acts without ...


Credit Suisse self-flagellation is risky but right

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Medieval Christians habitually whipped themselves to show penance. Credit Suisse Chief Executive Thomas Gottstein is practising his own form of self-flagellation after ...


What the US Owes Its Security Clients

U.S. leaders habitually emphasize that their country is dedicated to the security of Washington’s growing menagerie of allies and clients. Whether deliberately or not, those officials foster the ...


Assisted living facility forced aide to wear medical mask as a COVID protocol. She's suing.


It also alleges that a “habitually rude and nasty” resident hit Harshman during an outburst, violating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s General Duty Clause, which requires work ...


Checkpoints nab two for habitual DUI over weekend

Two men with past arrests for impaired driving were arrested for habitually driving under the influence of an intoxicant over the weekend, as police conducted multiple intoxication checkpoints and ...


What is Israel’s multilateral instrument tax policy? - opinion


Israel chose to treat “commissionaire” arrangements as a PE where a person habitually plays the principal role leading to the conclusion of contracts routinely without material modification by the ...


Russian Communist leader: The West is backing fascists and using Ukraine


But this does not stop Western politicians who habitually ignore the obvious: A “hybrid war” is being continued against Russia using lies, fraud, and disinformation. Yes, Russia has interests ...


Bahl ’24: Make tech adaptable to foster inclusivity


Databases habitually abstract away their data’s insignificant details to access, analyze and process them more efficiently. However, if the developers who created the databases in the 1950s have the ...


Anti-Fauci Animal Rights Group Accused of Illegal Donations


The document makes the case that the founders of the WCWP nonprofit and its PAC have habitually raised money from prohibited sources, made impermissible campaign donations, and filed false records ...


The Antisemitic Face of Israel’s Evangelical Allies


It is a faith out of keeping with the historical record of actually occurring antisemitism, rather than the fabricated allegations now habitually and blanketly used to shut down defenses of ...


Mailbag: Are the Colts Really Done With Carson Wentz?


Bryan, simply offloading Wentz is possible, but it would raise a question that people habitually ignore when discussing situations like this one: Then what? First, let’s sort through the logistics.


NST Leader: Of Asean and Myanmar


The bloc's decision-making by consensus stands in the way of speedy actions. Little wonder, The Guardian once described Asean as a habitually timid organisation. Crises need courage. Genocide in ...


Harvard offers class on happiness


Subscribe for free Students learn that “happiness isn’t just a product of chance, genes or life circumstances,” the Wall Street Journal reports, “but of habitually tending to four key areas — family, ...


Down Over 50% in 6 Months, Is STAAR Surgical Still a Buy?


STAAR Surgical sells implantable lenses that take the place of eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you're habitually frustrated by your glasses getting smudged by an errant fingertip like I am, their ...


James Gill: Yet again, archdiocese has some explaining to do


And its criminal activity is not only significant but varied. We have known for years that since time immemorial priests who habitually raped young boys enjoyed the connivance and protection of the ...


Calcutta HC dismisses PIL seeking removal of Jagdeep Dhankhar as Bengal governor


He also stated that Dhankhar habitually ignored the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and preached on all matters ranging from law and order to health and education. Explained |Governor’s ...


Call to Kingston building inspector ends in tenant eviction


Kingston’s “buildings department is habitually used to do back-door evictions,” said Tyler, citing the Kingston group home, Chiz’s Heart, as an example of a situation in which owners were seeking to ...


Each Spring brings new Cannabis Legislation...


So habitually, the Old Hemp Farmer is savoring a hot cup of organic coffee while nibbling on Tennessee Homegrown Cannabis infused Siriana Costa Rican Cacao. The recent cold weather has made the ...


From kingpin to beggar on horseback!

Maintaining her stature with the exception that she carried it a little too far in throwing manners to the wind being habitually unpunctual for appointments. Quite unruffled, she was reported to have ...


Which Side Will Colorado Be On?


That argument is usually persuasive to a court that is habitually reluctant to rule on anything it doesn’t yet have to. But to almost everyone’s surprise, last week the Court granted the petition, ...


Sleeping for an extra hour every night can help you lose weight, study finds

Writing in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, they found that young, overweight adults who habitually slept fewer than 6.5 hours a night were able to add an extra 1.2 hours per night after ...


Linganore girls show they're coming along in win over Tuscarora


Also, the Lancers hit 10 of 11 free throws. The Lancers habitually contested shots and passes, some of which were intercepted by defenders like Faith Chapman. Laney Barton led the Titans with eight ...


Country diary 1947: does the stoat always put on a white coat in the winter?

15 February 1947: In the north of Scotland stoats habitually change the colour of their raiment but in areas where snow is short-lived their coats usually remain brown Penrith What is commonly ...


Cracking Joints Isn’t Bad For You, It Might Even Be Useful

Some people habitually crack their joints, others can’t, and many are irritated by those who do. So what’s going on? Why do people do it, is it harmful, what makes the noises, and what would ...


Cracking joints isn't bad for you and could even serve a useful purpose

Some people habitually crack their joints, others can't, and many are irritated by those who do. So what's going on? Why do people do it, is it harmful, what makes the noises, and what would ...


Trying to make sense of Amari Cooper, DeMarcus Lawrence release chatter


But leadership is a funny thing. If someone is the leader of a defense that has habitually underachieved and then when they miss most of the season, a young lion enters the fray and the team ...


Cracking joints doesn’t cause arthritis and could even serve a useful purpose


Some people habitually crack their joints, others cannot, and many are irritated by those who do. So what is going on? Why do people do it, is it harmful, what makes the noises and what would ...


Languedoc Reds: Still Searching for an Identity


I would expect these wines to be more rustic than subtle, and I mean that in a good way. One more point: Languedoc used to habitually be referred to as Languedoc-Roussillon. It was perhaps a natural ...


Wyman Park

It’s silly and tacky and also a wonderful film. John Waters doesn’t habitually take on such themes, even aslant. Is it telling that this is his only one? Is it telling that he makes movies about the ...

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